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About Sebastian Lewandowski

About me

Is taking amazing photographs easy? I wouldn’t know but must be a walk in the park compared to writing your own “about” section. I could write that I recall playing with my parents’ camera at the age of seven (and breaking it!) and that this is when I instantly fell in love with photography and have been doing it ever since. That would not be true though, except the part about breaking the camera. I do have vague memories, however, of wanting a digital SLR as a student. One that would allow me to practice and shoot a lot at no cost. Although I did have cameras in the past, I got serious about photography in 2008 when I got my first DSLR. After moving to the UK, I bought one for my second salary. First one got me a laptop so I was all set up for digital. Since then, I can honestly say that photography took me to places (literally and otherwise), I wouldn’t have any interest in otherwise.

About lenspired

The idea for it came about in 2011. I wanted to have my own place, a “gallery” to store and show my best work. I didn’t want to commit to a single web service that is popular one day and dies soon after. Independence was what I was looking for I suppose. Soon after, I came up with the name and was born. I still use 500px and Flickr but want to be the main one. Major redesign in December 2017 is part of my strategic plan, part of my vision, a milestone, a mission, a goal (can’t think of any more corporate buzzwords) for lenspired.

On why I would choose even a mediocre camera over a mobile phone one, every time.

To me, shooting is not only about the end result but also about the experience. Dealing solely with touch controls and uncomfortable handling (compared to a DSLR) just spoils it for me. Call me old fashioned but the viewfinder and physical buttons are just superior.

On gear

Let’s get it out of the way. I am sure you are curious if my camera is more expensive than your car. Possibly, I don’t know. What do you drive? Right now, I use Canon 6D, and I did pay for it more than I have ever paid for a camera. Or rent. But compositions that come out of it are no different from the ones out of a mobile phone camera. Sharper and with better colours? Yes. But it is unable to tell me what to do. And the shooting experience (see above) is what makes it so much more enjoyable to use. It is also extremely reliable. In the end, it does say “MADE IN JAPAN” on the thing. It must be. 99% of the time. Except that one time when I was travelling through Japan. In Osaka, the card failed beyond recovery. I lost everything. The only time my Japanese equipment has failed me was when I was travelling through Japan. Talk about irony.

On subjects

Don’t get upset if you are trying to photograph your children or pets and the shots come out blurry. Shooting constantly moving subjects like that (and in an unpredictable way), often in the dark indoor environment sounds and IS difficult.

Time to wrap this up before it turns into a snoozefest. You didn’t come here to read, did you? Go, have a look at some photos.

Ah yes, I also have a map of countries visited. Because maps are amazing. 


My competitions (photos below left to right): 

2010 – Karl Taylor Competition - Transportation) – Honourable Mention

2012 - Digital Camera Magazine – Architecture Competition – 2nd place

2015 – Atkins Environmental Photographer of the Year – top 25 entries

2015 – Lenses For Hire – Best aviation photograph of 2015 season – winner

2016 – Bournemouth Echo – Bournemouth Air Festival – finalist (top 5 entries)


You know what Uzi is, right? The open-bolt, blowback-operated submachine gun? I didn’t know that part either but Wikipedia does not lie. But there is more. This one chap at my university would use just one notebook for every subject and that one notebook is all he would carry all day. Compact and fit for most scenarios with plenty of capacity. Hence, he called it Uzi. Below is my Uzi – all subjects, shot randomly, shown in a compact form.

I have no clue how this worked out for the Uzi man and whether he graduated in the end but I am willing to try the idea here anyway.

Uzi keywords

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