Photography by Sebastian Lewandowski, Birmingham, UK




September 2017 - Search and Rescue Helicopter

April 2017 - Lake District National Park

November 2016 - Taiwan

July 2016 - New aviation photos

March 2016 - New Black and White gallery

February 2015 - Japan

About Sebastian Lewandowski

I live in Birmingham. I have a camera and will not hesitate to use it. Even if it is just for an old shed.

I love to explore photography styles and subjects. Food. Neighbourhoods. Continents. This is when I shoot the most. I am a self-taught, self-editing, self-criticizing generalist, a minimalist. Contemporary architecture? Where is my tripod?! Asia? Already packing. Jet fuel smell? I’m there.

For some reason, I find patience and motivation to stand in the rain or freezing cold waiting for THE LIGHT. Or for the next air display. I do not find that motivation to edit my photos in front of the screen.

I started in 2011. I would like it to be a collection of my best work. My hard drive might be that place right now. I started photography in 2008 and I will never stop.


My competitions (photos below left to right): 

2010 – Karl Taylor Competition - Transportation) – Honourable Mention

2012 - Digital Camera Magazine – Architecture Competition – 2nd place

2015 – Atkins Environmental Photographer of the Year – top 25 entries

2015 – Lenses For Hire – Best aviation photograph of 2015 season – winner

2016 – Bournemouth Echo – Bournemouth Air Festival – finalist (top 5 entries)


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