Sebastian Lewandowski

TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read.)

There will be none of this "fell in love with photography at the age of seven" nonsense. I simply bought a DSLR thinking it's the only thing separating me from achieving PRO results. Little did I know...

Longer (but still short) version

I recall being fascinated by cameras in my uni days. Digital technology in particular. Being able to see the result instantly was really something. Looking at their eye-watering prices was something else. And so, after graduation and joining the employed crowd, I got myself a DSLR. It swallowed a chunk of my second salary. And that’s only because the first one funded a laptop. At the time, I was convinced that this piece of black plastic was the only thing I was missing to become the next big thing in photography since the invention of Polaroid. But I didn’t even understand all the buttons on the thing. The journey continues however, and has taken me to places (not only literally), I wouldn’t even imagine reaching.

The longest?

The truth is that writing a good “about” section is probably harder than mastering photography so I will leave it there and, instead, dedicate my time to things I enjoy. Like eating food with hot sauce. 

"Lens what? Never heard

of it."

Digital Photographer Magazine



The Guardian


"Stop calling this number!"

National Geographic


Untitled photo

Competitions (photos below from top left):

2010 – Karl Taylor Competition - Transportation – Honourable Mention

2012 - Digital Camera Magazine – Architecture Competition – 2nd place

2015 – Atkins Environmental Photographer of the Year – top 25 entries

2015 – Lenses For Hire – Best aviation photograph of 2015 – winner

2016 – Bournemouth Echo – Bournemouth Air Festival – finalist

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